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Marble Countertops Toronto

Marble countertops, including porcelain and soapstone types are the best choice in the home for a number of reasons. This is a versatile stone that is easy to maintain and can last for an extended period of time. It’s also an attractive and simple to fit into a colour scheme or theme.

The Many Pros for Marble Countertops

Marble has always been a top choice in homes in various forms due to its timeless beauty. There are other benefits to this stone as well. It maintains a natural cool temperature, which either in a kitchen or a bath is a pleasing element. Marble doesn’t conduct heat very well, so can remain cool longer, or return to a cooler temperature faster than many other stones. Marble is plentiful, and therefore isn’t as expensive as some other choices.

The Colours of Marble

Fitting a colour scheme is the key to having the best possible appearance in for the kitchen. The countertop and the back splash typically take up a large space, so a misfit can have a jarring effect. Fortunately marble’s variety can easily match even unique colours. Hues of black, hue, yellow, pink, and gray are found in marble, and because of the veining in marble deeper colours will also run through the stone allowing the colours to easily adapt to a given design. Marble is also available in a number of finishes. The polished finish will result in a glossy, sleek surface that brings out the colours. This is the least porous of the finishes and therefore more resistant to natural staining of bacteria, but less resistant to acids and damage from chemical cleanser. Polish finish is a process of sanding the stone to a satiny-smooth feeling and appearance. This surface won’t show signs of wear and scratches as easily, but it is more porous and will require more care with cleaning. Having a leather finish is best for kitchens that have a more unfinished appearance, such light woods and ceramics.

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“I found these guys on HomeStars and the reviews were spot on. The option to pick your own stone was great. The people that came out to do the measurements and complete the install were fantastic…to the point that they even assisted my father-in-law with a small stone ledge install during their clean up. I can’t recommend this company enough!”

Greg from Whitby

“You could not ask for a more professional company to work with for your granite needs. Their staff is exceptional and their product includes an immense range but also many types that we did not see in other places. You are always greeted with a smile and they go out of their way to help you. They are very proud of their operation and will educate you on the products, make informed suggestions and followup with any concerns with extreme professionalism.”

Marilyn Curtis in Toronto

“Pro Stone installed the counter-tops in my new kitchen. They did an outstanding job. Pro Stone helped me out with my choice of counter, and answered all my questions and concerns. Girish and his staff were so helpful and made the whole process so easy. Thanks to everyone at Pro Stone for making my dream kitchen a reality!”

Anny in Scarborough

“We were very impressed with the professionalism of service and quality of product we received from Prostone. From beginning to end they continually exceeded our expectations. Rare to find a business that delivers so well on its promises these days. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality countertop. We are very happy with ours. Thank you Prostone.”

Josh Henry from Lakefield

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