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Commercial Countertops Toronto

Installing a new countertop is a daunting task for those who need to remodel. Having everything developed and installed at once is typically a simpler solution. Finding ready-made or customer designs that include the vanity, sinks and installing of the stonework can make for a faster remodeling job as well as an attractive result.


The Larger Commercial Countertops

In large businesses countertops for bathrooms offer a chance to demonstrate an attention to detail. While many opt for laminate surface this space can also use the classic appeal of marble, granite or other natural stonework. It’s possible to find commercial countertops custom made or pre-built with placement for sinks and plumbing already added. Depending on the budget a number of natural stones and even manufactured alternatives give this room a smarter, and stylish look.

The Professional Countertop

Countertops also serve a business as a place where customers can engage services, request products or receive goods. This area should be easy to upkeep, but also have a professional tone and style. Laminates are the common choice for these countertops as these are easy to upkeep, and the least expensive options. Again, as this is an opportunity to show attention to style and detail so several possibilities can work here. For a sleek, glossy look a finished glossy natural stone such as marble is a good choice. For a softer look a matted finish works best. Depending on the nature of the business a number of solutions are employable that will match a businesses style from classical or sedate to lively and sleek. With premade solutions it’s also possible to have exactly what’s needed while working within a small business or homeowner’s budget. Using expert help is advised in order to have a quick and easy installation. With the investment of commercial countertops Toronto business and homeowners often see an additional benefit in increasing the value of a property.

Interesting Designs

The cabinet vanity with sink is an option for businesses and residential homes. Typically this is the best choice for a half-bath or small bathroom. Created from any type of material from marble to laminates this can add an elegant look to even a small space. The cabinet offers a place to store cleansers or other necessary products, while the sink utilizes the least amount of space possible.

Vanity Tops

In a larger space such as full bath or medium to large bathroom, a full size vanity gives a bathroom a classic appeal. This works for businesses as well as homes, as this is a good use of space with a touch of elegance.

Standing Vanity Tops

The standing vanity has no base therefore it’s the perfect solution for those areas that have very little space to offer. This also a good selection for the commercial wheelchair accessible sink, as this offers several possibilities for material while giving a company’s workers and customer’s a safer environment. Stronger choices such as natural stone or tough manufactured materials are the best selections for a standing base with no cabinet.

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“I found these guys on HomeStars and the reviews were spot on. The option to pick your own stone was great. The people that came out to do the measurements and complete the install were fantastic…to the point that they even assisted my father-in-law with a small stone ledge install during their clean up. I can’t recommend this company enough!”

Greg from Whitby

“You could not ask for a more professional company to work with for your granite needs. Their staff is exceptional and their product includes an immense range but also many types that we did not see in other places. You are always greeted with a smile and they go out of their way to help you. They are very proud of their operation and will educate you on the products, make informed suggestions and followup with any concerns with extreme professionalism.”

Marilyn Curtis in Toronto

“Pro Stone installed the counter-tops in my new kitchen. They did an outstanding job. Pro Stone helped me out with my choice of counter, and answered all my questions and concerns. Girish and his staff were so helpful and made the whole process so easy. Thanks to everyone at Pro Stone for making my dream kitchen a reality!”

Anny in Scarborough

“We were very impressed with the professionalism of service and quality of product we received from Prostone. From beginning to end they continually exceeded our expectations. Rare to find a business that delivers so well on its promises these days. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality countertop. We are very happy with ours. Thank you Prostone.”

Josh Henry from Lakefield

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