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Bathroom Countertops Toronto

Countertops and vanity tops make every bathroom renovation unique and special. While a home’s design might be similar to others the final touches in the kitchen and bathroom, offer a glimpse into the owner’s design taste. When considering the bathroom design, the materials used will be important, as these should be impervious to damp environments in order to prevent warping. At the same time they should allow for an easy cleanup in order to prevent stains from hair, makeup and cleansing products. It is little wonder that in making these decisions many elect to look for expert help.


Natural Stone Choices for Bathroom Countertops Toronto

Toronto homeowners have many choices with natural stone for countertops. While these don’t always have the colour variations seen with manufactured materials, choices such as granite and marble can easily match a number of design colours.  Blue, brown, violet, black, white, and gold are all found with granite, and the type of finish can also help with matching design choices. Polished granite will look sleek and shiny, while a matte surface appears less glossy. Leather finishes as the name suggests gives this material the look of fine leather. Adding heated floors can complement your home as well as a new countertop. The only downside for those concerned about appearances is that some choices with darker colours of granite will show watermarks and fingerprints distinctly. The plus is that wiping down this surface is easy, and deep stains are very rare. Marble another natural choice can be found in green, gray, black, pink, red, white, and brown. Polished marble is glossy, while matte will give the counter top a weathered antique appearance.

Man-made Materials for Bathroom Countertops Toronto

Laminates and composites are practical as resist to water and most stains. This material isn’t as resistant to being marred by hot objects such as a curling iron. Seams are easier to spot, but this is easy for an expert to help remedy. Most man-made products are also made with easy clean up in mind. A swipe of a cloth with a cleaning product is all it takes to have a polished look.

The Half-Bath

The small bathroom, which only needs a sink at the counter will still need to follow a design pattern following some of the same design as other rooms in the house. While this room is often used by guests it’s possible to use materials that lend themselves to colour and style, and aren’t necessarily as expensive as those used in a larger bathroom. Here the vanity is an option as well as larger counters. Tile can be a less costly option while still being elegant and versatile.

The Full Bath

In a full bath the best selection of materials are those that can withstand moist conditions since steam from the shower and bath can affect porous material. The top choices for this area of the home are granite, marble, solid surfaces, and engineered stone. Laminates and composites can also work well, and offer the benefit of being more varied in colour than natural materials.

Select Your Material For Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom Countertops Toronto

Bathroom countertops should be designed to cater for multiple needs. They should be able to withstand the moisture and heavy use in the bathroom and maintain the space’s hygiene. Bathroom countertops need to be durable, easy to clean and maintain. Also, they should look pleasant and complement the rest of the bathroom fixtures Toronto.

There are some common materials used in bathroom countertops Toronto. We’ll go over the advantages of each to help you make a wise decision.


Granite is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a durable countertop material that can be used in the bathroom. This material is resistant to general wear and tear so it’s ideal if you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time. Other than its longevity, granite has a natural appeal that complements modern looking spaces. However, the biggest drawback of granite is that it requires sealing time and again to prevent it from getting damaged especially by stains.


Quartz is designed by mixing different minerals, colour, and resin to come up with a product that mimics the natural look of stone. One of the main advantages of quartz is that it comes in so many different colours and designs. It is engineered through different processes which allow the resulting product to come in a wide range of styles. Quartz is also cheaper than granite but equally durable and requires less maintenance.


Porcelain slab counters are often used in the bathroom because they are durable, versatile and easy to maintain. Porcelain counters are also recommended for exterior use, so you’ll often find them in outdoor kitchens and bath areas. Porcelain countertops can be produced in a wide range of colours and patterns. today, the slabs can be designed so thin which makes it easier for them to be installed on top of existing countertops. Porcelain is lighter than stone which makes it easier to cut and install. It should cost you almost the same as quartz and granite, sometimes a little less.


One of the main reasons people choose marble countertops for their bathroom is because it gives it a very elegant appeal. Marble has a cool, unique texture that screams class and sophistication. On the flip side, marble can stain easily and costs much more than other materials like granite and quartz. However, marble is known for its longevity and amazing appearance, so people still consider it a top choice regardless of its cost. It’s usually installed in high-end bathrooms.


Soapstone, though not a common countertop material like granite, is also an ideal choice for modern bathrooms. It’s designed to withstand heat damage and if it scratches, it can be sanded finely to restore the look. However, it needs regular coating with mineral oil to prevent further damage.


Dekton is a type of engineered stone that can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects. It is stain and scratch resistant. You can easily remove stubborn stains and it won’t get damaged when exposed to sharp objects on its surface. It is also fire and heat resistant. Dekton is a long-lasting countertop material that doesn’t lose colour over time.

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